Umbrella Insurance

Why do you need Umbrella Insurance? Learn more below.

What is a Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Why do I need one?

There questions are important ones.

In our opinion everyone needs an umbrella. Our society has become a litigious one. Lawsuits are filed every day. Some are valid. Some are not. But the costs remain the same. An umbrella policy or excess liability policy is designed to provide additional coverage over the top of an individual’s underlying insurance policies. Meaning, an umbrella would fit over the top of your auto and homeowners policies. It could also fit over your boat, motorcycle, or even RV policy as well. It provides coverage in situations where the liability limit of the underlying policy has been exhausted due to costs related to the claim. Those costs could be medical costs for those injured, attorney fees, defense costs, damage assessments, pain and suffering for those injured, and court mandated settlements.

Why do we recommend umbrella policies?

We want them to be able to withstand a large claim without the fear of losing their homes or other assets to a bad claim. The reality is umbrellas are very low-cost policies but can provide so much coverage. Its important you talk with our agents. Talk about the risks you might have or the risks that may surprise us in life. Make sure your covered. Join our family and have the peace of mind you and your family are protected from life’s crazy happenings.

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