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General Commercial Liability

General liability can be one of the most important coverages for a business.

General liability can be one of the most important coverages for a business. Protecting businesses from bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury claims. We are all human. Sometimes we make mistakes. A general liability policy makes sure that a small mistake doesn’t bankrupt your business.

Commercial Property

Commercial property can be an essential piece of a business’ insurance protection.

Whether you are a machine shop with expensive machines on the floor or a small retailer in Main Street America having your commercial property policy correct is important. Do you need to rebuild your building? Does a fire wipe out your inventory and put you out of business? For how long? These are all questions you should be asking yourself and discussing with an agent.

Inland Marine

Inland Marine

Inland Marine does not have anything to do with boats or water.

A lawn mowing contractor has several mowers and other tools that do not stay on the office premises. The insurance plan would cover the lawn care business’ mowers and tools on an inland marine schedule. In case damage or theft of these integral pieces of their business occurs on a job-site. Call us. Make sure that your business doesn’t take a hit, because your tools or product is not covered.

Commercial Automotive

Delivery vans, pickup trucks, dump trucks and even regular cars can all be put on a commercial auto insurance policy.

Commercial auto insurance policies are much different than personal auto policies. Different risks apply to a business that don’t apply to a private owner. Employees using the company vehicles provide risk to the business. Employees using their own vehicles for business purposes can require special coverage as well.Protecting the business from a large medical claim or significant property damage could be very important. These are all risks that a business has to consider.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is a program designed to provide workers coverage for ailments or injuries that occur while performing a job.

Rates for these insurance plans are rated based on the exposure of the job being performed. A construction worker working from large heights will be more expensive than an assistant who works at a lawyer’s office. The rate is based on risk of serious injury or disease. However, many insurance carriers provide credits or preferred pricing to companies who have a good loss history.

Workers Compensation insurance helps the victims of workplace injury. It will help cover medical expenses and lost wages. An employer owes it to his staff to have the correct coverage in place.

Commercial Umbrella

What do you think about when you hear the word Umbrella? We think protection.

The catastrophic loss that really effects your business. It could come from an auto accident caused by an employee. It could be a bad injury to a client due to a product malfunction. Whatever the cause a commercial or business umbrella can provide the peace of mind that a large claim won’t put you out of business. Our knowledgeable agents can help you determine what type of limit your commercial umbrella needs. Defense costs, medical bills, property damage, etc. can add up quickly in a catastrophic claim. We care for the future of your business and will protect it.

Small Business Owners Package

Many carriers offer a package policy that is designed for small businesses. They include General Liability, Commercial Property, and Inland Marine coverage listed above and combines them into one policy.

Are you a small business owner? Do you have time to go over your insurance coverage each year to make sure your business is covered correctly? No? It’s tough. Small Business owners have so many balls in the air to make their business successful. Hatoway Insurance Partners understands this and wants you to have an expert in your corner. Call us today to discuss your business so that we can design a great insurance package for you.

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