Personal Insurance Products

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Boat, & RV

Automotive Insurance

Do you buy your insurance from an internet bot? Did they protect you from an uninsured driver?

If the answer is “I don’t know, we are here to help. Hatoway offers a variety of insurance options to protect your vehicles. Learn more about our automotive insurance products and make sure you and your vehicles are protected in case the unfortunate happens. Contact us today to learn more about our auto insurance carriers and receive a complete customized auto insurance policy.

Home Insurance

Having "typical" homeowners insurance may not be the right protection for what your family needs.

We find everyday policies written for families in our community that don’t provide the correct coverage for their homes and lifestyles.We want you to feel secure that everything is going to be ok and know the insurance policy you purchased will provide the right coverage to help put things back. Click below to learn more about our home insurance options.

Condo Insurance

Many condo owners are over-insured. We can help make sure you have the right coverage.

Make sure your condo is protected inside and out with a customized insurance quote. We will take the time to understand your situation and walk you through what your policy needs to protect. Being over insured is better than underinsured, but why pay more for insurance if you will never be able to use it. Talk with an agent that cares and wants the best for you.

Renters Insurance

Renters Beware!

Disasters happen. Unfortunately, disasters don’t discriminate to just those who own a home. Contact us about your situation. It sounds like an over dramatic representation, but these things are true and have happened to our clients. It’s a quick conversation with one of our agents. We’ll do all the insurance shopping for you.

Umbrella Insurance

What is an umbrella insurance policy and why do I need one?

In our opinion everyone needs an umbrella. Our society has become a litigious one. Lawsuits are filed every day. Some are valid. Some are not. But the costs remain the same. Make sure you are covered. Join our family and have the peace of mind you and your family are protected from life’s crazy happenings.

Flood Insurance

The typical homeowners insurance policy will not cover a flood.

Flood Insurance can be a frustrating purchase experience. Many times, individuals will contact our agency when buying a new home. Their mortgage company has required that they insure the property for flood. Whether that be the case or your are just looking for flood insurance to protect your home let our agents walk you through the process. Learn more about Flood Insurance below.

Motorcycle, RV, & Boats

Have a new boat, motorcycle, or an RV? Do you have the right coverage?

Our agents have the expertise and knowledge to make sure you get all the protection you need. We want you to replace your beautiful boat or that motorcycle you detail once a week in the summer. We understand the pride those items can bring and want the you to have the right protection when disaster strikes. Learn more about how to protect your liability exposure.

Get a review of you families insurance protection. Make sure your family's lifestyle is protected.