Commercial Automotive Insurance

Designed to cover your vehicles used for business operations.

The most important coverage for your business.

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Delivery vans, pickup trucks, dump trucks and even regular cars can all be put on a commercial auto insurance policy. You could have 50 vehicles or just your old pickup. Commercial Auto insurance policies are designed to cover your vehicles that are being used for business operations.

Commercial auto insurance policies are much different than personal auto policies. Different risks apply to a business that don’t apply to a private owner. Employees using the company vehicles provide risk to the business. Employees using their own vehicles for business purposes can require special coverage as well. If a business operates large trucks, larger coverage limits may need to be required. Large trucks cannot avoid doing significant damage to a third party in some cases. Protecting the business from a large medical claim or significant property damage could be very important. These are all risks that a business has to consider.


Because there are so many different ways you can use commercial vehicles it is best to talk through your situation in great detail with an agent. Our knowledgeable agents can provide customized insurance protection from several different insurance carriers to fit your specific need.

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