Renters Insurance

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Renters Beware!

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Here’s a scenario that happens too often at apartment complexes. A fire.

If a fire damages your apartment and you don’t have a renter’s insurance policy here are problems that might arise.

Renters Insurance

1) Your personal belongings are destroyed. No clothes, no furniture, no pots and pans.

2) If you started the fire accidentally while cooking, the apartment complex will expect you provide them with money to fix the damages. They could sue you and begin garnishing your wages.

3) Someone visiting your apartment was hurt in the fire and expects you to pay for their medical bills.

Renters insurance or tenant insurance is one of the most underutilized insurance products out there. A renter’s policy becomes only dollars a month after discounts to the auto are applied. Many people who rent don’t feel they need insurance. Or worse, they believe the landlord will provide them coverage in a claim. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Your personal belongings and your liability are your responsibility.

Disasters happen. Unfortunately, disasters don’t discriminate to just those who own a home. Contact us about your situation. It sounds like an over dramatic representation, but these things are true and have happened to our clients. It’s a quick conversation with one of our agents. We’ll do all the insurance shopping for you.

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