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Typical homeowners insurance policies include protection from things like weather, lightning, and freezing pipes. But typical homeowners insurance may not be what your family needs.

We find everyday policies written for families in our community that don’t provide the correct coverage for their homes and lifestyles. For example, many people in Central Indiana have basements. Did you know that you must have an endorsement called Water and Sewer Backup to protect water in your basement? And did you know that coverage limit also needs to include the personal property damaged by the water?

Homeowners insurance is a complex set of coverages meant to protect the insured’s physical home, their personal belongings, their personal liability, and other structures they have on the property like a pool. Many homeowners policies are written with standard coverages and a true review of the insureds needs are not taken into account.

Our agents at Hatoway Insurance Partners want to discuss your lives and the hobbies your family enjoys. We want to make sure your homeowners policy is written correctly and protects you at your time of need. God forbid something like a fire will ever damage your home, but if it does our agency wants to stand with you. We want you to feel secure that everything is going to be ok and know the insurance policy you purchased will provide the right coverage to help put things back.

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