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What is a Flood?

Many people talk about their basements flooding or bathrooms flooding when the toilet gets backed up. Although those things can be described as floods that is not how insurance companies define floods. A flood to an insurance company is a much bigger scale. Floods are water moving over the ground. They can happen from heavy rain falls, storm surges, snow melts, rivers breeching their banks, and maybe even a dam break. The waters that flow over the ground and into your home is what a flood policy insures against. It provides protection against the damage caused by the water hitting your home, entering your home, and even water damaging one of your other structures.

A homeowners insurance policy will not cover flood. You must purchase one of two types of flood insurance policies. Typically policies are sold through either the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or the Private Flood Market.

National Flood Insurance Program

A division within the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It is controlled and managed by the Federal Government. The insurance plans based are the topography of a community in the form of flood maps. These maps are designed by NFIP to determine an areas risk of a flood. The higher the risk of flooding the higher the need for a flood insurance plan. You can review your areas flood map by going to NFIP’s interactive map

Private Flood Market

The Private Flood Market is designed more like an insurance policy. The insurance company is free to assess their own risk and charge the premiums they feel necessary. The Private Flood Market does not receive any government subsidies, so they are free to make their own decisions in regards to their insurance plans. Typically, if you qualify for a Private Flood Market quote the annual premium will be less than a government-based plan.

Flood Insurance can be a frustrating purchase experience. Many times, individuals will contact our agency when buying a new home. Their mortgage company has required that they insure the property for flood. Whether that be the case or your are just looking for flood insurance to protect your home let our agents walk you through the process.

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